Friday, February 24, 2012

Paradise Galleries is looking for the most Beautiful Baby!

Send us the MOST ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL photo of your baby between the ages of 3 and 18 months! Submit entries no later than March 16, 2012 to One lucky WINNER will receive a doll created in their baby's likeness!

On March 19, 2012 Paradise Galleries selection committee will choose and post the top 10 photos in the "2012 Beautiful Baby Contest" Facebook Photo Album. The semi-finalists will invite their friends and family to LIKE their photo and story. The entry with the most LIKES by March 25, 2012 at 11:59pm PST will WIN a baby doll created in their baby's likeness.
Could YOUR BABY be the next Paradise Galleries baby?
We can't wait to see all of YOUR BEAUTIFUL BABIES! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paradise Galleries! Where Doll & Smiles Grow

Look on the inside lid of your new Paradise Galleries doll box, 
there’s a special gift inside that will brighten your day for sure.

Grow your very own garden in Paradise!

This fun iconic flower shaped seedling can be planted 
in your home to bloom to a beautiful Paradise flower!
Enjoy. : )

Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome To Paradise! New Year, New Look, More Fun!

2012...Time For A Change!
Here at Paradise Galleries we decided to upgrade our packaging.
The existing packaging just didn’t quite match the quality of our dolls.

We took some time to interview our graphic designer BJ 
and here are some of her thoughts on the redesign.
"Our goal is always to improve and create an EXPERIENCE that matches the fun, creativity and beauty of our amazing dolls!" states BJ, graphic designer at "Team Paradise."

In an age when most companies are reducing and cutting corners, our approach
to our new doll packaging was “We need to give our doll lovers MORE!”

"I know the excitement I have when I drive up my driveway and there’s a package with something I love in it,  waiting for me. . .Oh WHAT a great feeling that is! This very feeling was the focus when starting the thoughtful process of redesigning the Paradise experience and how your new dolls arrive to you." states BJ. "We talked and talked to each other, drank a lot of diet cokes, researched and researched, drew sketches, and made box mockups over and over again until just that right solution was created."

The question, “What do you find in Paradise?” was part of the process too.
(Well, beautiful dolls of course!)

BJ, Graphic Designer at 'Team Paradise'

 "As I walked along the beach one day, (paradise to me) I realized you find flowers and birds and smiles there too! Thus, our new tag line . . ."Where dolls and smiles grow”  With that came the creation of a distinctive color palette, a textured paper, an elegant but playful filigree with large daisy flowers and our very own “Bird of Paradise."" states BJ.

Our New Packaging!

So now when you receive a Paradise Galleries doll from us, you’ll find a completely new styled box, with a special “Gift Box” look and feel, a brand new Certificate of Authenticity in a keepsake pouch, along with the addition of a protective insert printed with our "Paradise Promise." All this was created with YOU in mind. (PLUS! Look on the inside lid of your doll box, there’s a special gift inside that will brighten your day for sure)

Certificate Of Authenticity

With all of the above, we didn’t stop there, we even considered the shipping box! Yes, we could have done just a plain brown shipping box like everyone else, but we wanted your new doll friends to arrive with a little fanfare and a few reminders from us. . .That each and every Paradise Galleries doll is; Designed from the heart, Handmade with love, Packed with tender loving care...

Decorative Shipping Box

And best of all . . .

We hope you like our packaging as much as we did creating it!

Recyclable Packaging too!