Friday, April 27, 2012

Today is Arbor Day!

Friday, April 27th . . . Today is Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a state holiday in Nebraska, but even if you don't live in Nebraska you can give back to the Earth!

Here are some fun ways you can get involved!
  • Host a community planting ceremony 
  • Attend ceremonial fairs, musical performances or garden centers in your area 
  • Encourage your school to teach lessons around the theme of trees 
  • Simply Plant a Tree!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Best Earth Day Ever!

This Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day! Plant A Tree, Conserve Energy, Do YOUR Part!
Tell us how You will be giving back to the Earth this Earth Day 2012 - Paradise Galleries Facebook!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Paradise Galleries Exclusive! Limited Edition - Native American "Legends of the Seasons" Dolls

Join us in celebrating a colorful culture with these stunning fashion dolls in Paradise Galleries first every Limited Edition Native American "Legends of the Seasons" collection! This Native American fashion doll collection is a one-of-a kind offer! These dolls are fabulously dressed in ensembles that represent each of the Four seasons. Each dolls also comes with her very own Good Spirit Dream Catcher! Also, Paradise Galleries is launching their first ever auto-delivery program so you can receive a beautiful new doll, one for each season.

See the ALL Four Native American "Legends of the Seasons" Dolls here

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Misty - Avid Collector of Marie Osmond dolls - Review!

We have so many great collector's and we want to share with you a review from one of our most avid collector's. Misty's latest dolly purchase was Marie Osmond's Adora Belle Oh, So Tweet! 
Marie Osmond's Adora Belle Oh, So Tweet

Some words from Misty on her new favorite dolly friend:
'I have been an avid collector of Marie Osmond dolls for the past six years. I recently just purchased my 60th Marie Osmond doll in March. Adora Belle OH, So Tweet was a special purchase for me. This doll was made for Marie’s Twitter Tots. As an avid collector, I’m also an avid Twitter Tot of Marie’s. We call her our Twitter Tot Mommy. She keeps us up to date on all the new things coming our way. So when she came out with this doll, I just had to have her. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue and just speak to me. When normally choosing a doll I’m going to purchase I look at her eyes first. Eyes speak volumes on a doll. So when I look into the eyes of these dolls, if they speak to me I know it’s one that must join my dolly family. Marie has always said that her dolls eyes have soul and I truly believe that.'
Joni, Peggy, Misty and BJ at Marie's 20th Anniversary party in Vegas

'Doll collecting has brought so much joy to my life. It has brought not just the joy of seeing beautiful dolls fill my home, but it has also brought me a whole new family. I never thought 6 yrs ago when I started collecting that I would find so many amazing friends I call my MDF sisters now. We are truly a tight nit family. Thanks to Charisma and Marie Osmond we are able to come together and enjoy celebrating doll collecting. Charisma has done a lot for us doll collectors over the years. The brunches, parties, and dolly get-togethers are always amazing. Peggy, Tracy, BJ and even Joni (who we miss so much) always know how to put on a great party for us doll collectors. Last October we were all able to come together for a three day 20th anniversary party in Vegas. We had a blast and got to spend much needed time with our dolly family. Since we only get to see each other maybe once or twice a year it’s great to have these events Charisma puts on. Not only does it bring friends back together but it gives us a chance to see our Amazing Charisma Gals.' 


'Just recently one of our Youngest Dolly Collectors Tori at age 8 had major brain surgery. She to is a collector of Marie dolls and has one very special doll named Polly who has had to make many trips to the Dolly Hospital. This last trip to the Dolly Hospital was very hard on Tori and she was so sad that Polly had to go that her mom videoed her packing Polly up with a blanky, bottle, food and even holes in the box to breathe. Charisma got a hold of the video and Margaret from the dolly hospital made her a video in return showing her that Polly got there safe and would be back home soon. This is just one of the many amazing things Charisma has done for their doll collectors. Also, Tori just got home Friday after her brain surgery to find an Angel doll on her door step from Marie. This was so very touching for her and her mother.' 

'So, I want to thank Charisma for all you do. You are truly amazing and we love you gals.'

Thank you, Misty for being the great fan and collector of Marie Osmond dolls and Charisma...And for the wonder full story!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Where Do Your Dolls & Smiles Grow?!

At Paradise Galleries...Where Dolls & Smiles Grow! Spring is now in full bloom and the April showers will soon be giving away to May flowers, which will make everyone smile. : )
Today it is already starting to feel like summer!

Share your favorite photos of you this Spring and Summer smiling with your Paradise Galleries dolls!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Join Us In Commentorating the ONE Year Anniversary of the Royal Couple!

Just 1 year ago on April 29, 2011, Catherine Middleton became 'Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge'. Kate's wedding dress was a desirable iconic piece of Royal Fairy Tale history; and to complete her ensemble we have again captured the beauty of royalty with this classically simplistic collection of dresses worn by Kate, during the Royal wedding reception and the infamous North American tour!

See the ENTIRE Princess Catherine Fashion Collection here

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paradise Galleries Collector Interview - Cici Vang

At Paradise Galleries we love our doll collectors and want to showcase some of their amazing collections! Our first Paradise Galleries collector interview was conducted with Cici Vang.  
Cici's Doll Story!
Cici's love for dolls started during her childhood, as she comes from a family of 12 children. Her parents worked hard on a farm and they provided for the children with only necessities in mind, just enough for all the children to get by, they couldn’t really afford anything extra.
"As a young girl, with an avid imagination I used to dream about my own secret doll house. I would imagine dolls of every shape and size lining up on the shelves, one after another like books in a library. And because I was so fascinated with books too, my reality of owning any dolls at that age was by means only through my imagination and through the books I read", says Cici

Cici has been collecting dolls since her late teens and over the years her love and joy for dolls became her passion. Ever since she found Paradise Galleries she has and saw our Tall Dreams Ensemble doll she fell in love!

"Tall Dreams was my very first Paradise Galleries doll purchase and I have not been disappointed since. Her features are realistic with the detailed facial expression, a weighted body, and the soft gentle touch vinyl skin; she was of such great quality, I wanted more of these adorable babies to add to my collection" says Cici.
     Happy Teddy                                                             Tall Dreams Ensemble

Cici has bought several more dolls from Paradise Galleries since Tall Dreams including: Happy Teddy, Nischi, I Heart Bai Yun, Baby Cuddlebug, Baby Bunting Bee, and Bee My Honey Bear and they have all made her just as happy.

           Nischi                                I Heart Bai Yun & Nischi 

Baby Cuddlebug   Bee My Honey Bear   Baby Bunting Bee

"I collect dolls not for the money value, but for the joy they bring into my life. The smiles they bring both children as well as adults are priceless" says Cici.

 Cici is a devoted doll lover of Paradise Galleries dolls. And enjoyed sharing her collection of Paradise Galleries' dolls with all of you and looks forward to sharing many more in the future!

Thank you for the great interview Cici! Keep enjoying Paradise Galleries : )

Monday, April 9, 2012

In Memory of Angela Dixon

Angela Dixon a passionate collector and great fan of Marie Osmond's dolls passed away last Thursday. She will be dearly missed by her family and ours.

 A few words from some of Angela's doll friends  
Lisa Khederian, Amy Rebok, Pam Carroll & Cheryl Geller

'Angela was such a sweet & kind hearted girl. She always had a beautiful & positive outlook on life. Just like her motto, Live, Laugh, Love. She would send doll friends a message to lift there spirits when needed and make us all laugh when we would talk about our funny day to day adventures & stories. Our favorite day & memory was when Angela & her Mom, Sandee, finally got to meet Marie for the first time at QVC this past August.  Marie had a very long day & took the time after to sign our dolls, books & take photos with us. Marie signed Angela's Pie Jesu doll & the Hydie doll by Beverly Stoehr that she bought her Mom for Mothers Day. We could all see the sparkle in Angela's sweet eyes after she finally got to meet Marie that day. I am so happy that we all shared that beautiful day together & we will cherish it forever. She was a true Angel & she is now with God & his Angels in heaven. We all will miss her so much.'

Angela and Sandee at Marie's QVC show in August 2011 (Sandee on Left - Angela on Right)

Sandee and her family will be in our prayers. We have sent along a Marie doll to Sandee as a gift in memory of her daughter. Keep a look out for your doll, Sandee! 

Friday, April 6, 2012


We like to celebrate Easter with You and Offer a Fun chance to Win 50% off Coupons!
Share Your Favorite Easter Photo on the Paradise Galleries Facebook Wall! 
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Some of the Paradise Galleries staff as kids on Easter Day! : )

 Hoping Everybunny Has A Great Easter weekend! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

APRIL Showers Bring MAY Flowers!

Now that Spring has Sprung and the rain has begun to fall we look forward to the Beautiful days of May and the Summer months ahead!

Don't forget to look on the inside lid of your new Paradise Galleries doll box for a
special gift to brighten your day! The Paradise Galleries iconic flower shaped seedling
can be planted in your home to bloom a beautiful Paradise flower. This is the perfect time of year to use your Paradise Galleries seedling!

Here is a great poem to cheer up your rainy days:
Always look at the sunny side of life
the ups and the downs, the truth of a beginning
we need water to grow, we need seeds to sow.
What we see today is bringing us more for tomorrow
even if we can’t tell as they say
April Showers Bring May Flowers.

Happy April! From Paradise Galleries