Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paradise Galleries Collector Interview - Cici Vang

At Paradise Galleries we love our doll collectors and want to showcase some of their amazing collections! Our first Paradise Galleries collector interview was conducted with Cici Vang.  
Cici's Doll Story!
Cici's love for dolls started during her childhood, as she comes from a family of 12 children. Her parents worked hard on a farm and they provided for the children with only necessities in mind, just enough for all the children to get by, they couldn’t really afford anything extra.
"As a young girl, with an avid imagination I used to dream about my own secret doll house. I would imagine dolls of every shape and size lining up on the shelves, one after another like books in a library. And because I was so fascinated with books too, my reality of owning any dolls at that age was by means only through my imagination and through the books I read", says Cici

Cici has been collecting dolls since her late teens and over the years her love and joy for dolls became her passion. Ever since she found Paradise Galleries she has and saw our Tall Dreams Ensemble doll she fell in love!

"Tall Dreams was my very first Paradise Galleries doll purchase and I have not been disappointed since. Her features are realistic with the detailed facial expression, a weighted body, and the soft gentle touch vinyl skin; she was of such great quality, I wanted more of these adorable babies to add to my collection" says Cici.
     Happy Teddy                                                             Tall Dreams Ensemble

Cici has bought several more dolls from Paradise Galleries since Tall Dreams including: Happy Teddy, Nischi, I Heart Bai Yun, Baby Cuddlebug, Baby Bunting Bee, and Bee My Honey Bear and they have all made her just as happy.

           Nischi                                I Heart Bai Yun & Nischi 

Baby Cuddlebug   Bee My Honey Bear   Baby Bunting Bee

"I collect dolls not for the money value, but for the joy they bring into my life. The smiles they bring both children as well as adults are priceless" says Cici.

 Cici is a devoted doll lover of Paradise Galleries dolls. And enjoyed sharing her collection of Paradise Galleries' dolls with all of you and looks forward to sharing many more in the future!

Thank you for the great interview Cici! Keep enjoying Paradise Galleries : )

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