Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Misty - Avid Collector of Marie Osmond dolls - Review!

We have so many great collector's and we want to share with you a review from one of our most avid collector's. Misty's latest dolly purchase was Marie Osmond's Adora Belle Oh, So Tweet! 
Marie Osmond's Adora Belle Oh, So Tweet

Some words from Misty on her new favorite dolly friend:
'I have been an avid collector of Marie Osmond dolls for the past six years. I recently just purchased my 60th Marie Osmond doll in March. Adora Belle OH, So Tweet was a special purchase for me. This doll was made for Marie’s Twitter Tots. As an avid collector, I’m also an avid Twitter Tot of Marie’s. We call her our Twitter Tot Mommy. She keeps us up to date on all the new things coming our way. So when she came out with this doll, I just had to have her. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue and just speak to me. When normally choosing a doll I’m going to purchase I look at her eyes first. Eyes speak volumes on a doll. So when I look into the eyes of these dolls, if they speak to me I know it’s one that must join my dolly family. Marie has always said that her dolls eyes have soul and I truly believe that.'
Joni, Peggy, Misty and BJ at Marie's 20th Anniversary party in Vegas

'Doll collecting has brought so much joy to my life. It has brought not just the joy of seeing beautiful dolls fill my home, but it has also brought me a whole new family. I never thought 6 yrs ago when I started collecting that I would find so many amazing friends I call my MDF sisters now. We are truly a tight nit family. Thanks to Charisma and Marie Osmond we are able to come together and enjoy celebrating doll collecting. Charisma has done a lot for us doll collectors over the years. The brunches, parties, and dolly get-togethers are always amazing. Peggy, Tracy, BJ and even Joni (who we miss so much) always know how to put on a great party for us doll collectors. Last October we were all able to come together for a three day 20th anniversary party in Vegas. We had a blast and got to spend much needed time with our dolly family. Since we only get to see each other maybe once or twice a year it’s great to have these events Charisma puts on. Not only does it bring friends back together but it gives us a chance to see our Amazing Charisma Gals.' 


'Just recently one of our Youngest Dolly Collectors Tori at age 8 had major brain surgery. She to is a collector of Marie dolls and has one very special doll named Polly who has had to make many trips to the Dolly Hospital. This last trip to the Dolly Hospital was very hard on Tori and she was so sad that Polly had to go that her mom videoed her packing Polly up with a blanky, bottle, food and even holes in the box to breathe. Charisma got a hold of the video and Margaret from the dolly hospital made her a video in return showing her that Polly got there safe and would be back home soon. This is just one of the many amazing things Charisma has done for their doll collectors. Also, Tori just got home Friday after her brain surgery to find an Angel doll on her door step from Marie. This was so very touching for her and her mother.' 

'So, I want to thank Charisma for all you do. You are truly amazing and we love you gals.'

Thank you, Misty for being the great fan and collector of Marie Osmond dolls and Charisma...And for the wonder full story!


  1. Great story and I totally agree with Misty. Everyone at Paradise Galleries will go above and beyond for their customers.

  2. Great post...Dolly Collector's are truly special and amazing people! Thanks for the mention...I miss you all too! :)