Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's About Time Week

This week marks a week to take action...'It's About Time Week'! This innovative week encourages creativity in everyone and honors good ideas and programs for “A Better Way And A Better World". 

Do your part this week and every week of the year to make the world we live in a better place!

Play with Paradise Galleries dolls, smile and be happy : )

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Human Rights Week

 This week is Human Rights Week, a week dedicated to raise public awareness and knowledge of why human rights matter, both amongst people who are lucky enough to enjoy their rights, and those who are not so lucky, who have little freedom and few rights.
Get in the know and learn your rights today!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cookie Cutter Week!

This week has been a week of tradition with the holidays right around the corner! Cookie Cutter Week is a long time tradition that you should share with your family.

This weekend celebrate the week and bake some cookies, have a cup of hot cocoa and hang out by the fire with the kids. And Oh, Yeah...don't forget to Play Dolls!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Artist Story - Jannie de Lange

 Jannie de Lange lives in a small village in the Netherlands. She has had a passion for dolls since her childhood but since it was impossible to purchase any where she lived, she instead collected pictures and made paper dolls out of them.  Her doll collecting started when she became a mother.  As she bought dolls for her three daughters.

It was when she visited a doll show and saw some hand-sculpted dolls made of polymer clay that she immediately enrolled in a sculpting class and since that time has sculpted her own one-of-a-kind dolls.  She quickly developed her own style, tried all different types of clay and settled on polymer clay.

Jannie has been sculpting since 1994 and her baby dolls since 1999 which are well known world-wide now. She quickly developed her own style, tried all different types of clay and settled on polymer clay, which she mixes from different colors and from her own experience to achieve her realistic skin tone. Polymer clay needs a lot of kneading and it takes a long time and a lot of preparation before it is soft enough to be used. Before the sculpted head can be baked in the oven, she treats the clay in her own special way to imitate the skin texture as realistic as possible.

Her Baby-dolls have become immensely popular worldwide.  The head, arms/hands and legs and “Belly-plate” are sculpted of a polymer-clay the body is made of cotton.  She stuffs and weights them to feel like a real baby.  The babies have glass blown eyes, human hair eyelashes and wear high quality mohair wigs.  The sizes of her babies vary from 18" to 22".

Friday, November 30, 2012

Enter To Win A Free Doll

You could WIN in our Doll A Day Giveaway!
Don't miss this fun holiday promotion and win a doll for yourself or to give as a gift!

AND...Don't forget to 'Like' Us on Facebook to see if you are one of the LUCKY WINNERS! We will be announcing a WINNER everyday...keep checking back : )

Monday, November 26, 2012

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Happy Holiday Shopping!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

National Family Week!

In honor of celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday it is also considered National Family Week! Spending time with family and friends is the best way to share the holidays.Check out some fun activities to do with your family this week...

For the fun fall festivities we will be giving away this adorable Kewpie 'Owlsome' Doll! Leave a message on our Facebook page starting today until Monday, November 26th and you could win this sweet Kewpie doll.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

National Game and Puzzle Week!

This week is considered National Game and Puzzle week. This week was established as such to prepare people for the coming of the holidays! Spend time with your family and friends, laugh and reminisce while playing some classic or new board games. Or try your hand at a tricky puzzle. 

Gear up for the holidays with some of these fun games:

  • Monopoly
  • Life
  • Operation
  • Buzz Word
OR our Favorite game! Playing dolls : )

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

American Education Week!


This week is American Education Week. Showcasing a good opportunity to celebrate education and honor individuals who are making a difference. Each day this week is a different event:

Tuesday, November 13: Parents Day

Wednesday, November 14: Education Support Professionals Day

Thursday, November 15: Educator for a Day

Friday, November 16: Substitute Educators Day

Honor those close to you in education this week, whether you know someone personally who works in education or is a teacher to your children. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

Celebrate this week 'National Animal Shelter (and Rescue Week)!' ... the great services provided by animal shelters around the world. Everyday so many animals are rescued from the streets by shelters and given to loving homes.

National Animal Shelters use this week to acknowledge and promote the invaluable role shelters and other animal welfare organizations play in their communities and to increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and shelter services.

Check out ways to donate and contribute to your local animal shelters.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

First of November! Fall Harvest

Happy First day of November! Halloween is over and the start of the holidays officially begin. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and celebrating the joys of life will be among us to be shared with family and friends! As tragedy strikes parts of the world these days we need to be most thankful for the things we have and can cherish in our lives!

AND don't forget about the dolls! : )
We have the perfect fall Harvest doll for you. Our all new 'Native American Legends of the Seasons Fall Doll'! She is stunningly dressed to match the fall season perfectly. 

Get her and her seasonal friends today and celebrate the beauty fall brings!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow is Halloween! We are very excited here at Paradise Galleries : )

What are you dressing up as this year!? Send us photos of your super fun, cute and scary costumes, we would love to see them. 

Enjoy your evening; trick or treating with the kids, going to a fun party, or just staying at home watching Halloween movies!

AND don't forget to Play Dolls!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Friday! WIN $100 & a Doll

Happy Friday Doll Lovers!! You have helped us so much lately to get many NEW 'Likes' on Facebook and we are excited to keep growing and talking with you.

Help us get to 5,800 'Likes' by next Monday, October 29th and you could WIN $100 and/or the super cute and SOLD OUT 'Baby Avery'! That's right, you can't buy her anymore...but you can win her here.

We will be choosing one winner via random.org to WIN the $100 and one winner to WIN 'Baby Avery' if we hit our goal in time!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Red Ribbon Week!

Whether you have a young child in school or not, you must remember 'Red Ribbon Week' a week celebrated by schools to help showcase the prevention of drug use across America. Wear a red ribbon this week to support the fight against drugs. Let us teach our children at a young age how to not fall into peer pressure at school. 

We have the perfect doll to help you support 'Red Ribbon Week'. . . the ALL NEW 'Scarlette'. She is also great for holiday decorating!

AND...don't forget to VOTE NOW for the 'Girl of the Year'! All of these girls have been a great help in their community and with their families. Give them the give of a life time...a Paradise Galleries doll!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Monkey'N Around! : 0 )

Happy Friday Dolls! What monkey business are you up to this weekend?
Post your Best Monkey Face on our Facebook page and let's see how silly you can really be!!

AND get this cute Monkey Hat for FREE with every purchase of our Monkey'N Around Doll. 
While quantities last.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bewitching Magic of the Season!

We are getting excited for Halloween here at Paradise Galleries! Picking out our costumes and preparing for a fun day and night of trick or treating. Let us help you pick out your Halloween costume! Get this super fun and cute 'Bewitching Magic Hat' for FREE!

Just purchase any doll seen here or on page 10-11 in our latest catalog and you will get the most fun and festive Halloween hat FREE today!

What a fun way to kick off the spooky Halloween season! Play dolls...dolls : )

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank you! Walk for Alzheimer's 2012

Thank you to everyone who walked with us and who has donated to the Walk for Alzheimer's 2012! We appreciate how giving everyone has been. Check out the fun photos from the event! 

If you would still like to donate we are still accepting donations and every $1 counts! Thank you again : )

Donate NOW!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 Baseball Playoff Are Here! WIN a DOLL!

This year has been a great year for baseball! 

What is better than going to a game on a beautiful summer day and grabbing a hot dog, some peanuts and watching a good game of baseball. Well as the summer comes to an end so does the baseball season...playoffs and the World Series are a fun time and a great past time!

In honor of this fun season we are giving away this adorable 'My Little All Star' doll (out of package)! Leave a comment on our Facebook page about what you love most about baseball and playing dolls from now until next Friday, October 12th, 2012 and you could WIN this doll!
Or BUY 'My Little All Star' doll NOW for 50% OFF!
One winner will be chosen next Friday via random.org and announced on our Facebook page. Good luck and Play Ball . . . We Mean PLAY DOLLS! : )

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

125th Anniversary of College Football

Do you know a young man who has played college football? This year marks college football 125th Anniversary! Many men have played in this great sport every year for the last 125 years representing the school of their choice! What a great organization to be a part of : )

In honor of college football 125th Anniversary this year in 2012, YOU can get these adorable 'Lil' Football Star' dolls to add to your collection for only $24.99 . . . AND YOU can get a FREE outfit for your little guy so he will be all ready to play on the field!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is coming!

This Saturday, September 22nd is the first day of Fall! 

What is your favorite part of the fall season? We love the changing of the leaves, the cooling temperatures and the family gatherings around the bonfire.

Decorating with dolls can be another great part of the fall season. To celebrate this wonderful season we will be giving away this super cute 'Bewitching Magic' doll to one lucky winner so they can decorate their home in style! Leave a comment about your greatest fall memory and on Friday, September 28th we will chosen one winner via random.org. AND if you can help us get to 5,600 'Likes' on Facebook by next Friday too we will give two other lucky winners a 'Bewitching Magic Hat'. . .perfect to wear all season long and while doll decorating!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Girl of the Year Contest!

If you know an AMAZING girl; full of inspiration, passion and drive to make a difference in the world . . .  then you MUST nominate her!

How it works:
Submit photos and stories of the AMAZING girl you are nominating on our Paradise Galleries website! Stories should be about girls who have contributed to their community or the environment. We will be accepting nominations from now until October 19th, 2012.
Note: Only submissions with stories will be included to help identify the girl as being accomplished.

Customers will vote on top ten submissions chosen by Paradise Galleries team October 22 - 28th, 2012.

GIRL OF THE YEAR 2013 winner will be announced on our Facebook page on October 29th, 2012.

The winning girl will recieve an 18" Adora doll of thier choice, the entire 18" clothing collection and the clothing wardrobe. Two runner up winners will recieve an 18" doll of their choice!

(outfits fit more 18" dolls)

Friday, September 14, 2012

International Chocolate Day!

Yesterday was International Chocolate Day! We wanted to wait and tell you so you could celebrate the whole weekend : )

Play dolls and each chocolate this weekend!

Fun facts about Chocolate:
Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite flavors
consumed by humans from as far back as 1900 BC
Dark chocolate also has many proven health benefits. 

 What brand of Chocolate is your favorite?

Happy Friday! : )

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 - We Will Never Forget

Wherever you were and whoever you were with on this day 11 years ago, You Will Never Forget. The day that changed America's future as we knew it. Today let's honor those fallen heroes and those who have helped get America back on it's feet on this 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Take a moment of silence today for those who lost their lives that day and remember them always and forever.

For today only in honor of our fallen heroes we will giving an additional 30% off our 9/11 Commemorative Future Firefighter doll. Get him today and remember forever. Enter this code at check out on our Paradise Galleries website to get the additional discount: FBP911CM. This offer is only good for our friends that follow us socially!

Friday, September 7, 2012

We're "All Dolled Up" & On The Move the END ALZHEIMER'S!

Unite in a movement to reclaim the future for millions. Join our team for the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's, the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds to fight Alzheimer's disease. Together, we can advance research to treat and prevent Alzheimer's, and provide programs to improve the lives of millions of affected Americans.

Join our team on October 6th for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Dana Point, CA. Sign up to walk with us or donate here on our team page http://bit.ly/RUG0Yc.

Get  Free Dolls - Lunch - Prizes if you walk with us!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Pinterest Party!

 Are you part of the Pinterest world yet? 

Pinterest is a fun online arena where a group of people share ideas and projects for their homes, families and much, much more. Pinterest can be a very exciting and addictive website . . . you never know what you are going to find! We spend hours each day browsing on Pinterest and we wish would would join us! If you are or if you aren't already a part of the Pinterest party . . . you should join TODAY!

Follow Us on Pinterest and phost photos of you and your Paradise Galleries dolls! We would love to see all of your fun dolly photos : )

Happy Pinning . . . AND Play Dolls!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School!

Kids are starting to go back to school this week...

Parents either love it or don't enjoy when their kids go back to school. 
For some first time around parents, their kids going to school can be tough. . .
saying good bye to your babies. But it is also fun to see them grow up!
Going back to school is an exciting and fun time for kids to reunite with 
some friends and expand their education!

Most little girls love the Girl Scouts! Get your daughter her very own Girl Scout dolls today and start this school year off right!

Hope all the kids out there have a great week back to school : )

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's National Dog Day this Sunday!

This Sunday, August 26th is National Dog Day! 

Do you have a pup or do you just love animals?
What ever your story is you should celebrate the day and show 'man's best friend' how much we love them!

Take your dog to the park or the beach this Sunday, let them run and have fun ALL day!

Today we have a special visitor in the Paradise Galleries office! Jack is the dog mascot of the day . . . he will be sure to have a very special day this Sunday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

National Aviation Week!

This week is National Aviation Week!  

The Wright Brothers taught the world to fly and today flying is one of the biggest industries in the world. The Wright Brothers Memorial is in Kitty Hawk, NC which is the home of the first successful airplane flight in 1903. Visit the National Aviation Week website and read all of the fun details about this honorable week!

Do you know anyone who loves to fly or flies for a career?

Honor someone in the aviation field this week and support all of the staff at all 
the airlines if you are flying this week, they keep us safe on our travels.

 AND don't forget to take your Paradise Galleries dolls along on all your trips . . . Play Dolls! : )

Friday, August 17, 2012

End of Summer...FUN!

As summer comes to an end and kids start going back to school...
everyone needs to get in one last trip to the beach, lake, pool or somewhere cool! 

Get all dressed up in your swim gear and take along your adorable 
"Froggy Beach Baby" doll...she will help you enjoy the last days of summer.

Have a great last few weeks of summer from Paradise Galleries!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DOLL of the WEEK!

Every week at Paradise Galleries we will be telling YOU all about our top rated dolls to help you choose the most perfect doll for you!!

The super sweet 'Teddy Bear Twin - Aidan' doll is this weeks pick!

 Weighted Body for a “Real” Baby Feel! With eyes still misty and round out of dreaming, this little baby boy will surely send you over the edge with his powerful charm! As irresistible and enticing as a friendly bear that comes straight out from a fairytale forest, he is truly an enchanting gift to treasure. Let yourself experience the sweet joy of cuddling a newborn baby doll in your arms and feel the magical moment when you stare right into his gentle eyes and you will surely notice yourself swooning over him! 

 AND the best part of Aidan is he has a twin sister 'Teddy Bear Twin - Abigail'

Everything comes better in pairs! Have fun and play dolls : )

Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 10 reasons to start doll collecting...

There are many reasons people collect dolls! 
We have a few reasons we feel are the best to become a doll collector.

1. Fashions: The fun fashions and clothing of each doll can make every collection diverse and unique.

2. Cuteness: Every doll is cute in their own way and every collector sees something different in each of the dolls looks.

3. Family: Generational collecting is a perfect way for grandmothers, mothers, daughters and everyone to bond.

4. History: The history behind dolls and doll collecting is fascinating. Dolls were one of the first toys ever created and are still very popular today.

5. Beautiful Details: The detailing in the costumes and faces make dolls look very realistic, making them a part of the family.

6. Nostalgic: Collecting dolls is very nostalgic, bringing back a lot of great memories for people.

7. Decorating: Decorating with dolls is a fun way to start collecting, they can adorn our homes for every holiday or every day making us smile.

8. Antiques: Collecting dolls can be like collecting antiques, giving a feeling one may have had from a doll they knew from their childhood.

9. Value: Dolls values are ever increasing with time make them more collectible.

10. Theraputic: Dolls can be therapeutic to some people, making them get back a part of themselves they may have lost.

What are some of your reasons for collecting dolls? Tell us your story.

Thank you for being our fan and keep collecting! : )

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Design A Doll Phase 4! Help Us Chose an Ensemble!

You have helped us design a doll . . . from the type of doll we develop...
to the sculpt...to the hair/eye color. Here is the doll you chose...

Now our new baby doll needs an outfit and accessories. Help us chose
from 5 different ensemble choices! These are the ensemble choices...
*Note: some items, colors and graphics may change in final production.

Vote NOW on Pinterest for your favorite ensemble!
 If you are already following us on Pinterest all you need to do is 'Like' or 'Repin' the entire board or a pin from the board of your choice. If you are not currently following us on Pinterest you may request an invite to join by submitting your email address here.
*Note: you must vote on Pinterest for your vote to count...so follow us TODAY!

At the end of this voting phase we will chose the board with the most 
'Likes' and 'Repins' and that will be our winning outfit.

Have fun and play dolls!!