Friday, March 30, 2012


Hope Everyone had a BLAST last night Hunting for EGGS!
Congratulations to all the WINNERS!

Timothy Eberly - Grand Prize - 2 FREE Dolls Up to $125 Value
Joy Johnson Benoit - 1st Place - 1 FREE Doll Up to $100 Value
Kim Dowell - 1st Place - 1 FREE Doll Up to $100 Value
Dawn Rowe - 2nd Place - 1 FREE Doll Up to $75 Value
Heather Datta - 2nd Place - 1 FREE Doll Up to $75 Value
Mercedes Fellers - 3rd Place - 50% Off One Doll
Mary EstherNelson Jilek - 3rd Place - 50% Off One Doll
Darlene Lehman - 3rd Place - 50% Off One Doll
Beverly Sue Cox - 3rd Place - 25% Off One Doll
Scott Schluter - 3rd Place - 25% Off One Doll
Erica Scott - 3rd Place - 25% Off One Doll
Brittany St Clair - 3rd Place - 25% Off One Doll

Join Us again next Year for our 4th Annual EASTER EGG HUNT!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Where YOU can Win FREE dolls & EGG-citing Coupons, 
the HUNT begins MARCH 29th at 6PM pacific time!

12 EGGS packed with great prizes have been hidden on
Each EGG will reveal a code and a prize! Find the eggs on our site and be the FIRST to post the code on the Paradise Galleries Facebook Wall and WIN. There can only be 1 winner per EGG Coupon. Be sure to look ALL over the Paradise Galleries website, the eggs could be ANYWHERE!

One Grand Prize Winner will
Get 2 FREE Dolls Up to $125 Value

Two First Prize Winners will
Get 1 FREE Doll Up to $100 Value

Two Second Prize Winners will
Get 1 FREE Doll Up to $75 Value

Seven Third Prize Winners will Get Eggs-ellent Coupons:
Three of the Third Prize Winners will
Get 50% Off 1 Doll
And Four of the Third Prize Winners will
Get 25% Off 1 Doll

First to Post, WINS!
Let the HUNT begin!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marie Osmond Heavenly Dreams WINNER! Congratulations Cassie

Last week in preparation for the Marie Osmond QVC show, we held a contest where one lucky winner would receive an artist original Marie Osmond Heavenly Dream doll! Congratulations to the winner...Cassie!

 Cassie was kind enough to send us some photos of her beautiful new doll.
Cassie and her NEW Marie Osmond doll 'Heavenly Dream'
 In Cassie's words: "Words can not describe how pretty amazing she is. She is truly breath taking and I can not thank you enough for doing the contest.

Marie Osmond Heavenly Dream artist proof
A bit of Cassie's Doll Collection
What a Beauty!

Thank you for the wonderful photos and kind words, Cassie
We are glad you are enjoying your new doll!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Announcing the Paradise Galleries Beautiful Baby Contest WINNER!

YOU have voted…and the WINNER is! 

Ke'alohilani will receive a beautiful Paradise Galleries doll made to look just like her!
A master sculptor will recreate Ke'alohilani's likeness in clay, and then molds will be made for reproduction. No detail will be overlooked down to the her skin tone, hair and eye color. The entire process will be documented and shared on Facebook and the Paradise Galleries Blog. 

The complete Ke'alohilani doll will be available just in time for the Holiday Season 2012 and will be featured in the coveted 2012 Holiday Keepsake Catalog.

Thank you to Everyone who voted and Entered their Beautiful Babies!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Sprung at Paradise Galleries!

Happy First Day of SPRING
Paradise Galleries . . . Where Dolls And Smiles Grow

Start your own beautiful garden this Spring with these great tips!

AND Be sure to use YOUR Paradise Galleries iconic flower 
shaped seedling to start YOUR own beautiful garden in Paradise!
Happy Planting!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The TOP TEN are IN! Voting has begun...

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered their baby into our Beautiful Baby Contest! All of the babies were Beautiful and it was a very, very tough decision but the Paradise Galleries selection committee has chosen and....The TOP TEN are IN!

Please 'LIKE' your favorite baby photo in our Beautiful Baby Contest photo album and tell all your family and friends to come back and vote on their favorite photo too! Voting ends March 25th!

GOOD LUCK to every baby in the TOP TEN!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Here is the Final NEW Marie Osmond Doll and the TWO Exclusives! SNEEK PEEK!

Here is the final Marie Doll Sneek Peek before her March 19th QVC Show!

 In Marie's Words...“Every night in Las Vegas the women still scream for the song “Puppy Love.” Ok, all right, maybe it’s for Donny.  ;)  This is a triple-love doll.  I love big-eyed, chubby faced babies, which is why I made my Adora Belle sculpt into a baby.  Millions of us love our pet dogs.  And, the song “Puppy Love” sold millions and became Donny’s signature song.  Love. Love. Love, this doll!”

AND the Two EXCLUSIVES Are...!
In Marie's Words...“A doll collector sent me an antique doll that was in pieces from aging, but you could definitely see what a beautiful doll it once was probably 100 years ago.  I had to recreate this sweet doll and dress her like a little girl on a cross Atlantic voyage in the early 20th century.  I think she turned out beautifully.”

 In Marie's Words...“A new Snow White movie comes out this summer for the 200th anniversary of the original Brothers Grimm fairytale.  Stories last for 200 years because they are great!  I know I have always loved Snow White and this stunning doll is my tribute to finding true love, even if it takes a while.  And, to getting enough sleep!” 

Don't forget to check out Marie Osmond and her new Dolls on QVC March 19th at 2am and 4pm! ENJOY 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Marie Osmond Donates Dolls to Children’s Miracle Network!

In connection with Marie Osmond's introduction of a new doll, “Baby Abby - Panda Perfect” on QVC March 19th, she has donated  a matching quantity of “Panda Perfect Plush Dolls” to Children’s Miracle Network (CMN).  As co-founder of Children’s Miracle Network, Marie helps over 17 million kids every year, throughout the U.S, Canada and Europe, providing state-of-the-art health care and research through 170 Children’s Hospitals. To date, her charity has raised over 4 billion dollars with one hundred percent of all funds going to the children. 

Tune in to QVC on March 19th at 4pm (eastern time) to see Marie’s presentation of “Baby Abby - Panda Perfect” and know, for every doll that sells one as been donated to comfort a child in need.

How it worked..! The Baby Abby - Panda Perfect doll is part of a limited edition series of only 425 dolls. For every doll produced for this limited edition series we had another of Abby's cuddly panda friends made. Those 425 additional panda friends that Abby holds so sweetly were then sent to the Children's Miracle Network, in what we called our 'Buy A Doll, Give A Doll' donation.  In hopes that these children would have their very own panda friend to love as much as Abby does and put smiles on all their faces everyday!   

Thanks Marie, your crew of Dolly Elves love you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And MORE Fabulous NEW Marie Osmond Dolls! SNEEK PEEK!

You have continued to vote and waited patiently...
here more of the NEW Marie Osmond Dolls You wanted to see!

 In Marie's Words...“The first doll in this series was so popular, with her long blonde locks and journal book, and was a DOTY winning sculpt.  I wanted to offer her as a “blast-from-the-past” brunette, dressed in her early 70’s bell-bottoms made with my signature fabric collection.  She’s “Paper Roses” perfect and comes with her own little book about the song.”

In Marie's Words...“Check her out, Twitter tots!!  My doll collectors have made being on Twitter so much fun, so here’s an Adora Belle who can be our “tweet” muse.  Look at the twitter-bird cage hat!!  I can’t even describe this doll in 140 characters!”  

Don't forget to check out Marie Osmond and her new Dolls on QVC March 19th at 2am and 4pm! ENJOY 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Here are MORE Fabulous NEW Marie Osmond Dolls! SNEEK PEEK!

You have voted and here more of the NEW Marie Osmond Dolls You wanted to see!
 In Marie's Words... “Every doll collector needs at least one doll you can really play with, which is why I created the My Pal series.  My Posh Pal is a dark-haired cutie, who is ready to be posed, primped, and redressed to your own personal taste.  She’s really fun and a collector favorite already!”
 In Marie's Words... “My youngest, Abigail, loves her Panda hat with paws.  It’s one of the hottest youth-inspired trends of 2012.  I’m a big fan of decorating with black and white, which has also been a major trend this year.  I’m in love with this cute combo, featuring a Ping Lau plushie panda dolly.  Come on!!”


 In Marie's Words... “This doll has a delicate beauty and attention to detail that seems almost impossible on a 9 inch standing porcelain doll.  She sold out in the larger size when I presented her in 2009.  I’ve had many requests for Romance in a tiny tot size, so here she is!”
 Don't forget to check out Marie Osmond and her new Dolls on QVC March 19th at 2am and 4pm! ENJOY

BEAUTIFUL BABY CONTEST! How does the winning baby Doll come to Life? Next Phase...

Upon entering the Paradise Galleries Beautiful Baby Contest, you may be asking yourself         How does MY baby become a Baby Doll? Here is the next phase in the process...


Here are MORE Fabulous NEW Marie Osmond Dolls! SNEEK PEEK!

You have voted and here more of the NEW Marie Osmond Dolls You wanted to see!

 In Marie's Words... “There is something about an angel that brings about a sense of calm.  I have angel dolls in different areas of my home to remind me that we are always protected by love passed down through the generations.  This doll has an amazing angelic presence.”

In Marie's Words... “Mom’s deserve all the attention on Mother’s day, because there isn’t a more important job in the world.  This sweet doll with her lit-up celebration cake is a unique way to let any “Mom” know that she is appreciated." 

In Marie's Words... "Judy Garland was the first singer that I felt I could relate to as a little girl, which is probably why I'm a life-long fan of "The Wizard of Oz." It's been so fun to take my Adora Belle sculpt and modify it to look like the characters from the movie, starting with the Wicked Witch who just had to have a hook nose, don't you think? The dolls are so phenomenal, the box had to be as well. I think you'll love the storybook designer display boxes."


 Don't forget to check out Marie Osmond and her new Dolls on QVC March 19th at 2am and 4pm! ENJOY

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fabulous NEW Marie Osmond Dolls! First SNEEK PEEK!

You have voted and here are the first three NEW Marie Osmond Dolls You wanted to see!

In Marie's Words... “Early in my career as a doll designer, I produced a “Rachael” doll of my second daughter.  Rachael, who’s now 22, works with me at the Flamingo showroom and does all my wardrobe designing.  I wanted to do a new sculpt of my daughter that reflects her true beauty.”

In Marie's Words... “Here’s my DOTY 2012 winning doll and also the cover model for Doll Reader Magazine this past fall. The Bru is one of my favorite vintage faces and this is a timeless porcelain doll.”

In Marie's Words... “This little cutie is a perfect doll for the little doll in your life. I wanted to make a girly, frilly doll because so many of our daughters, granddaughters, and nieces take dance classes, choir, or some performance where they light up the stage with their sunshine and smiles.”  

Don't forget to check out Marie Osmond and her new Dolls on QVC March 19th at 2am and 4pm! ENJOY

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BEAUTIFUL BABY CONTEST! How does the winning baby Doll come to Life?

Upon entering the Paradise Galleries Beautiful Baby Contest, 
you may be asking yourself How does MY baby become a Baby Doll?

The process starts with a master sculptor who will recreate your baby's likeness in clay; see the great example photo! The clay molds are then made for reproduction. No detail will be overlooked down to the skin tone, hair and eye color of your Beautiful Baby! 


This Could Be Your Beautiful Baby!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet The Artist! Pat Moulton

Paradise Galleries has a multitude of wonderful Artists and we would like you to meet them! 

Our first Meet the Artist interview was with Pat Moulton, artist of many Paradise Galleries dolls! 
Including Daddy's Little Sweetheart, I Heart Bai Yun, Future Golfer, Baby Cottontail . . . 

and her favorite Bundle of Joy. "So far my favorite is my Bundle of Joy baby because she is the first Ball Jointed baby that I have sculpted and I feel Paradise Galleries did a wonderful job reproducing her" says Pat.

Bundle Of Joy
Pat started creating dolls when her youngest child was one year old. She had the chance at that time to get back to sculpting, one of her most beloved hobbies. Pat's first sculpts were of her three children, she made each one of them in the sport that they were involved in at the time. And according to Pat, "The youngest of course was only one so she didn’t have anything other than being cute"! Which we love more than anything at Paradise Galleries. 

After Pat sculpted her children she began sculpting other family members and then got commissions to do sculpts of other people outside of the family. The one Pat loved was that of her OBGYN doctor, being he delivered all her children he was the perfect choice. And he kept his portrait of himself holding a baby in the office for all others to enjoy. After Pat sculpted the adult dolls she moved on to children dolls than baby dolls. Baby dolls have become her love for some time now. Pat gets her inspiration from pictures of children or   babies. "When I see a face that says something to me I can wait to sculpt" says Pat.

This past summer Pat was contacted by Westside Studios in Canada to sculpt a full size baby for a new take of the album cover for NIRVANA - NEVER MIND with the baby swimming. According to Pat, "They wanted the back side of the baby swimming away  from the camera; the feet and hands needed to be in the same position of the original baby on the first album cover and the sculpt needed to be able to go under water and to have the hair look real". She only had 8 days to complete the full sculpt! Finishing in time and making it a fun experience, Pat was very appreciative to be part of such a fun adventure.

Check out the filming of the video with Pat's NIRVANA baby! 

Pat has been teaching others how to sculpt for over 10 years and says, "It is great helping others find their dream". She also has a DVD on how to help others in their sculpting adventures. Pat is very excited to have won many awards over the years for her beautiful sculpts.

As mentioned, Pat is a mother of 3 children and also a grandmother of 4 grandchildren, she made sculpts of some of her grandchildren for Christmas this past year. Pat's husband Garel works with her in the doll business; he makes what she designs whether a skull armature or an eye tool. Her husband is also a master mold maker and resin caster which has come in handy to Pat as he reproduces her dolls in resin.

"I am blessed in so many ways to have the family support and a husband that knows my love for sculpting and will help any way he can so that I can do what I love" says Pat.

Thank you Pat Moulton for your wonderful interview. 
Check out Pat's website and continue enjoying the wonderful dolls Pat makes for Paradise Galleries!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

National Cheerleading Week! March 1st-7th!

This week is the celebration of National Cheerleading Week! A week created to bring awareness and acknowledgement to the hard work and dedication of today's cheerleading athletes. Cheerleaders are in fact athletes and very passionate about their sport, this celebration is to shine a more positive light on cheerleading! Girl and boys of all ages all over the world love Cheering.
'Go TEAM'!

If you have a little Cheerleader or just love the sport, Paradise Galleries has some fun Cheerleading dolls to help you celebrate National Cheerleading Week!

Future Cheerleader
Something To Cheer About

     National Cheerleading Week MISSION STATEMENT:
        Let's put the CHEER back in Cheerleading!