Monday, March 12, 2012

Here are MORE Fabulous NEW Marie Osmond Dolls! SNEEK PEEK!

You have voted and here more of the NEW Marie Osmond Dolls You wanted to see!
 In Marie's Words... “Every doll collector needs at least one doll you can really play with, which is why I created the My Pal series.  My Posh Pal is a dark-haired cutie, who is ready to be posed, primped, and redressed to your own personal taste.  She’s really fun and a collector favorite already!”
 In Marie's Words... “My youngest, Abigail, loves her Panda hat with paws.  It’s one of the hottest youth-inspired trends of 2012.  I’m a big fan of decorating with black and white, which has also been a major trend this year.  I’m in love with this cute combo, featuring a Ping Lau plushie panda dolly.  Come on!!”


 In Marie's Words... “This doll has a delicate beauty and attention to detail that seems almost impossible on a 9 inch standing porcelain doll.  She sold out in the larger size when I presented her in 2009.  I’ve had many requests for Romance in a tiny tot size, so here she is!”
 Don't forget to check out Marie Osmond and her new Dolls on QVC March 19th at 2am and 4pm! ENJOY

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