Friday, March 16, 2012

Here is the Final NEW Marie Osmond Doll and the TWO Exclusives! SNEEK PEEK!

Here is the final Marie Doll Sneek Peek before her March 19th QVC Show!

 In Marie's Words...“Every night in Las Vegas the women still scream for the song “Puppy Love.” Ok, all right, maybe it’s for Donny.  ;)  This is a triple-love doll.  I love big-eyed, chubby faced babies, which is why I made my Adora Belle sculpt into a baby.  Millions of us love our pet dogs.  And, the song “Puppy Love” sold millions and became Donny’s signature song.  Love. Love. Love, this doll!”

AND the Two EXCLUSIVES Are...!
In Marie's Words...“A doll collector sent me an antique doll that was in pieces from aging, but you could definitely see what a beautiful doll it once was probably 100 years ago.  I had to recreate this sweet doll and dress her like a little girl on a cross Atlantic voyage in the early 20th century.  I think she turned out beautifully.”

 In Marie's Words...“A new Snow White movie comes out this summer for the 200th anniversary of the original Brothers Grimm fairytale.  Stories last for 200 years because they are great!  I know I have always loved Snow White and this stunning doll is my tribute to finding true love, even if it takes a while.  And, to getting enough sleep!” 

Don't forget to check out Marie Osmond and her new Dolls on QVC March 19th at 2am and 4pm! ENJOY 

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