Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet The Artist! Pat Moulton

Paradise Galleries has a multitude of wonderful Artists and we would like you to meet them! 

Our first Meet the Artist interview was with Pat Moulton, artist of many Paradise Galleries dolls! 
Including Daddy's Little Sweetheart, I Heart Bai Yun, Future Golfer, Baby Cottontail . . . 

and her favorite Bundle of Joy. "So far my favorite is my Bundle of Joy baby because she is the first Ball Jointed baby that I have sculpted and I feel Paradise Galleries did a wonderful job reproducing her" says Pat.

Bundle Of Joy
Pat started creating dolls when her youngest child was one year old. She had the chance at that time to get back to sculpting, one of her most beloved hobbies. Pat's first sculpts were of her three children, she made each one of them in the sport that they were involved in at the time. And according to Pat, "The youngest of course was only one so she didn’t have anything other than being cute"! Which we love more than anything at Paradise Galleries. 

After Pat sculpted her children she began sculpting other family members and then got commissions to do sculpts of other people outside of the family. The one Pat loved was that of her OBGYN doctor, being he delivered all her children he was the perfect choice. And he kept his portrait of himself holding a baby in the office for all others to enjoy. After Pat sculpted the adult dolls she moved on to children dolls than baby dolls. Baby dolls have become her love for some time now. Pat gets her inspiration from pictures of children or   babies. "When I see a face that says something to me I can wait to sculpt" says Pat.

This past summer Pat was contacted by Westside Studios in Canada to sculpt a full size baby for a new take of the album cover for NIRVANA - NEVER MIND with the baby swimming. According to Pat, "They wanted the back side of the baby swimming away  from the camera; the feet and hands needed to be in the same position of the original baby on the first album cover and the sculpt needed to be able to go under water and to have the hair look real". She only had 8 days to complete the full sculpt! Finishing in time and making it a fun experience, Pat was very appreciative to be part of such a fun adventure.

Check out the filming of the video with Pat's NIRVANA baby! 

Pat has been teaching others how to sculpt for over 10 years and says, "It is great helping others find their dream". She also has a DVD on how to help others in their sculpting adventures. Pat is very excited to have won many awards over the years for her beautiful sculpts.

As mentioned, Pat is a mother of 3 children and also a grandmother of 4 grandchildren, she made sculpts of some of her grandchildren for Christmas this past year. Pat's husband Garel works with her in the doll business; he makes what she designs whether a skull armature or an eye tool. Her husband is also a master mold maker and resin caster which has come in handy to Pat as he reproduces her dolls in resin.

"I am blessed in so many ways to have the family support and a husband that knows my love for sculpting and will help any way he can so that I can do what I love" says Pat.

Thank you Pat Moulton for your wonderful interview. 
Check out Pat's website and continue enjoying the wonderful dolls Pat makes for Paradise Galleries!

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