Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 10 reasons to start doll collecting...

There are many reasons people collect dolls! 
We have a few reasons we feel are the best to become a doll collector.

1. Fashions: The fun fashions and clothing of each doll can make every collection diverse and unique.

2. Cuteness: Every doll is cute in their own way and every collector sees something different in each of the dolls looks.

3. Family: Generational collecting is a perfect way for grandmothers, mothers, daughters and everyone to bond.

4. History: The history behind dolls and doll collecting is fascinating. Dolls were one of the first toys ever created and are still very popular today.

5. Beautiful Details: The detailing in the costumes and faces make dolls look very realistic, making them a part of the family.

6. Nostalgic: Collecting dolls is very nostalgic, bringing back a lot of great memories for people.

7. Decorating: Decorating with dolls is a fun way to start collecting, they can adorn our homes for every holiday or every day making us smile.

8. Antiques: Collecting dolls can be like collecting antiques, giving a feeling one may have had from a doll they knew from their childhood.

9. Value: Dolls values are ever increasing with time make them more collectible.

10. Theraputic: Dolls can be therapeutic to some people, making them get back a part of themselves they may have lost.

What are some of your reasons for collecting dolls? Tell us your story.

Thank you for being our fan and keep collecting! : )

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