Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DOLL of the WEEK!

Every week at Paradise Galleries we will be telling YOU all about our top rated dolls to help you choose the most perfect doll for you!!

The super sweet 'Teddy Bear Twin - Aidan' doll is this weeks pick!

 Weighted Body for a “Real” Baby Feel! With eyes still misty and round out of dreaming, this little baby boy will surely send you over the edge with his powerful charm! As irresistible and enticing as a friendly bear that comes straight out from a fairytale forest, he is truly an enchanting gift to treasure. Let yourself experience the sweet joy of cuddling a newborn baby doll in your arms and feel the magical moment when you stare right into his gentle eyes and you will surely notice yourself swooning over him! 

 AND the best part of Aidan is he has a twin sister 'Teddy Bear Twin - Abigail'

Everything comes better in pairs! Have fun and play dolls : )

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