Monday, April 9, 2012

In Memory of Angela Dixon

Angela Dixon a passionate collector and great fan of Marie Osmond's dolls passed away last Thursday. She will be dearly missed by her family and ours.

 A few words from some of Angela's doll friends  
Lisa Khederian, Amy Rebok, Pam Carroll & Cheryl Geller

'Angela was such a sweet & kind hearted girl. She always had a beautiful & positive outlook on life. Just like her motto, Live, Laugh, Love. She would send doll friends a message to lift there spirits when needed and make us all laugh when we would talk about our funny day to day adventures & stories. Our favorite day & memory was when Angela & her Mom, Sandee, finally got to meet Marie for the first time at QVC this past August.  Marie had a very long day & took the time after to sign our dolls, books & take photos with us. Marie signed Angela's Pie Jesu doll & the Hydie doll by Beverly Stoehr that she bought her Mom for Mothers Day. We could all see the sparkle in Angela's sweet eyes after she finally got to meet Marie that day. I am so happy that we all shared that beautiful day together & we will cherish it forever. She was a true Angel & she is now with God & his Angels in heaven. We all will miss her so much.'

Angela and Sandee at Marie's QVC show in August 2011 (Sandee on Left - Angela on Right)

Sandee and her family will be in our prayers. We have sent along a Marie doll to Sandee as a gift in memory of her daughter. Keep a look out for your doll, Sandee! 


  1. Angela was so excited that day.i was sitting next to her in the photo above.She truly was a loving spirit of light on this earth.I will miss you my dear friend but I know I shall see you again!

  2. That was beautiful Peggy. Angela wrote to me about a month before the cruise and was trying to cheer me and shared some of her personal story. One of the last things she said was "that going on the Donny and Marie Cruise was a dream come true, and couldn't wait. We had lots of laughs on the cruise. One particular day, she had me laughing so hard, I was almost on my knees. So glad I captured the moment with my camera. God Bless all MDF's, Sandee, Angela you and Marie for giving me the family that I lost. God Bless and Love to you all!

  3. Thank you so much to Marie, Peggy and all the awesome folks at Paradise Galleries. Angela will be truly missed by many.