Friday, April 19, 2013

Do you Own a Pet? Celebrate your love for them today!

If you are a pet owner today is your day...or your pets day! Love and treat them special today...sometimes they can be your best companions. 

Here are some fun things you can do on pets day:
  • Make collages using pictures of pets cut out of magazines and catalogs.
  • Use clay to make a variety of pets.
  • Write a list of different kinds of animals people usually have as pets.
  • Share a picture of your pets with your friends or classmates.
  • Set up a pretend pet store.
  • Go and visit a pet store.
Here are some fun things you can do for your pet on their day:
  •  Give them extra treats
  • Let them lay on the couch
  • Take them on an extra long walk
  • Let them play with their other pet friends

If you don't have a pet...get a doll that has a pet...Two for One! 

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