Friday, June 22, 2012

Paradise Galleries Collector Interview - Frances Hills

 At Paradise Galleries we love our doll collectors and want to showcase some of their amazing collections! 
We would like to share another passionate doll collector with you today, Frances Hills.  
Frances' Doll Story!
Frances' loves collecting dolls, her first collector doll was from a small doll shop in Solvang, CA that her husband bought for her on their honeymoon in 1990. She instantly feel in love with dolls and her passion for them grew. Ever since then she has been an avid collector.
"My mother in law was the one who told me about Paradise Galleries, years and years ago", says Frances. Ever since Frances heard about Paradise Galleries she has loved collecting our dolls. "They are all so very beautiful", says Frances

"The picture of the doll with the yellow teddy bear has a lot of sentimental value to me because my mom bought me that doll for my birthday. This doll was the last birthday gift I got from her before she passed away." says Frances.

Frances has bought several dolls from Paradise Galleries and is very pleased with her purchases, she keeps them out for display in her home for everyone to see! : )
Frances bought dolls that she thinks represents all of her children. "I bought the fireman doll because my oldest son always wanted to be a fireman, since he was 3 years old...he is now 19 and when I saw that doll, I just fell in love with him" says Frances. She bought Always A Little Lady and named her Melissa for her daughter and the doll wearing the white baseball cap and the Tigger bib for her son and named him Matthew. She even dressed her Matthew doll in the same outfit her son wore home from the hospital. What a fun honor to give you children, they will be your babies forever!

Always A Little Lady & 9/11 Commemorative Future Firefighter
Frances with her Paradise Galleries doll collection!
Frances is an avid doll lover of Paradise Galleries dolls. And wants to buy more dolls today!

Thank you for the great interview Frances! Keep enjoying Paradise Galleries : )

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