Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tell Us All About It!

Write a review of your favorite Paradise Galleries doll purchase and get 20% off your next doll order!

  • What do you love about your recent PG doll purchase?
  • Which dollies make you smile?
  • Describe for us the feeling you got when your special doll arrived!
We want to hear from you!

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1 comment:

  1. Just got My Kendall Doll In The Mail Yesterday.I ordered the Doll and I got her 5 days later!Which is Great!I was sooooo happy that I got her.I was even trying to rip the box open.When I opened the box and seen her,I was very Happy with my purchase! She is slightly different then the Picture.By:(1)Her Hair Is Blonde,But not as blonde as the hair on the doll in the Picture.It's actually a darker blonde.(2)Her cheeks aren't rosey like the doll in the picture.(3)Her lips are darker then the lips in the picture.(4)Her Skin Color Is darker then the doll in the picture.(5) and her Left arm doesn't go all the way up to her face,like the picture.It almost makes it,though. I Measured Her and she's 26"inches Tall. She's a Very Beautiful Doll and Even though there are some differences,I would still highly reccommend her.I Have her On My Dresser for everyone to see.I'm Happy I got her.Every doll I get from Paradise Galleries,I'm Happy with.All My Paradise Galleries Dolls make me smile.=)