Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tall Dreams Ensemble! So many reviews in One month!

Tall Dreams Ensemble is a sweet, fun and cuddly baby doll! She is loved by so many people. In the month of May she received an outstanding number of reviews! Read all the great reviews now...

Tall Dreams Ensemble Reviews - May

Rated by lubbershnut on 5/20/2012
Hi I'm 10 and I ordered this doll about a month ago but then i found out it got back ordered until 6/15 but I'm still really excited got her some outfits.

Rated by Smiley 123 on 5/12/2012
I ordered her 1 week ago, she is here so very very very very fast shipping my Ashton Drake took 13 days!!! I love her. Her name is 'Brooklyn Hiland' she is perfect not 1 thing is bad she is great!!!!!!!! I can't believe how life-like she is! Everything you need for a real baby a bed, diapers, wipes she is more spolied than anything in this world!!!!!!!!! I really recommend her!!! 

Rated by rebornmommy3201 on 5/8/2012
Am getting this doll for Christmas and I am 11 years old. I think Sarah is a good name. My mom and I both like the doll and we both think she is very cute. I just hope if you hold her in your arms she is gonna be perfect.

Rated by maddy:) on 5/7/2012
I just ordered her a week ago and I'm so excited. Really I wish time would go by faster I can't wait to get her. 

Rated by hlfpint7 on 5/5/2012
This doll is so beautiful! I have taken it out before and people have mistaken it for a real baby! It fits in 3 month clothing or some newborn. I loved how it has full legs. It has gorgeous hair and beautiful brown eyes. I love the rooted eyelashes! This doll feels just like a real baby and I really recommend it! I named the doll Madison. It is just a little bit lighter in real life. I think this doll is so gorgeous and I love her to pieces! :-)

Rated by gszpala on 5/1/2012
OMG this doll is wonderful I named her Joelle Carmella but I just call her Carmella I have more than 10 outfits for her and I take her everywhere except school I am only 10 years old and I love her I sleep with her I push her in a real baby stroller and I am getting a new one in a few days I got her on February 2 2012 so she is only 2 months old and will be three on may 2nd here is what she like she like her giraffe that she sleeps with every night her bottle that I fill up every time she finishes it changing her clothes being at the park and swinging on the swing and going down the slide she likes sleeping and her special blanket she is an amazing doll I just cannot bear losing her even my BFF Anna loves it. Joelle Carmella will always be my favorite doll no matter what I even bring her to the birthday parties I go to.

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